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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry - Lifetime Dental - South Lyon

It is essential to visit the dentist bi-annually to ensure the health of your smile. Avoiding trips to the dentist can result in damage to teeth and gums. At Lifetime Dental in South Lyon, we provide necessary dental treatments in the most comfortable manner possible. With sedation options, our specialists can ease patients’ anxieties and fears. 

Sedation offers patients an effective level of comfort so they can easily receive treatments that protect and enhance their oral health. Contact us today to schedule a visit! 

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are a variety of reasons to consider adding sedation to your dental visit. Whether you’re undergoing complex treatments, such as guided dental implant placement or a simple filling, sedation quells fears and eases anxieties. 

Dental sedation creates a sense of relaxation and near-sleep, which can make it easy to forget the details of their treatment. If your fear is triggered by the sights and sounds of dental treatments, adding sedation to your care plan enhances your complete dental experience. 

Patients who have a low pain tolerance, are undergoing complex procedures, or have trouble getting numb with local anesthetics should consider sedation dentistry. 

South Lyon Sedation Options from Lifetime Dental 

At Lifetime Dental, our specialists offer two types of mild to moderate sedation options for our patients: 

Oral Conscious - This oral medication allows patients to relax before, during, and after their appointment, as the sedative stays within your system for a few hours. This prescribed pill is taken an hour before your appointment and allows you to remain relaxed during treatment. Many patients state that, under this type of sedation, their visit seems to last only a few minutes. We suggest a family member or a friend take you to and from your appointment. 

Nitrous Oxide - Also known as laughing gas, this sedation is administered in-office with a small mask placed over the patients’ mouth and nose. For younger patients, our specialists offer different flavors to make the sedative more appealing. During this sedation option, you will feel deeply relaxed. Many patients think they have napped during treatment, but nitrous oxide allows you to listen to directions despite its effects. 

Maximizing Comfort with Sedation Dentistry - Visit Lifetime Dental Today! 

Sedation dentistry in our South Lyon office is provided by our specialists in addition to a compassionate chairside assistance from our dentists and staff. If you have a scheduled dental treatment, consider our sedation options to aid in making your visit more comfortable. 

For more information about sedation dentistry and our dental treatments, contact Lifetime Dental today!