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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency – South Lyon

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in South Lyon, please contact our dental practice immediately to speak to schedule an appointment. We accept all cases of dental emergencies, whether you’re a current or new patient to Lifetime Dental; don’t hesitate to contact our office for the care you need. 

Call 248-537-2150 if you have a toothache, broken restorations, or a knocked out tooth.

Emergency Dental Services in South Lyon

At Lifetime Dental, we provide an array of restorative and family dental treatments for patients with a variety of dental concerns.  If you have cracked or damaged teeth, a loose crown, or are experiencing a toothache, we make every effort to see you right away to determine the best way to restore your comfort. 

Our emergency dental treatments include: 

Dental Bonding

While minor chips, cracks, and other aesthetic damage may not be considered an immediate dental concern, a broken tooth can allow bacteria to infect the tooth. We can restore your smile by applying composite resin, an aesthetic material that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile. This emergency dental treatment is quick and can be completed in one visit. 

Aesthetic Crowns

Our South Lyon emergency dentists treat patients who have lost a crown, are experiencing major decay, or have experienced dental trauma.  We evaluate the health of your tooth and fabricate a crown to protect and restore its structure. 

Teeth Replacements

Restorations such as bridges can be applied if you have a knocked out tooth that cannot be placed back into its socket. Dental implants may also be recommended for patients who are in otherwise excellent dental health, as implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth that promote oral health. 

Root Canal Treatments

If you feel continuous, sharp dental pain or a toothache, this may be a sign of infection. A severely damaged tooth that is now causing discomfort can indicate the need for root canal treatment. At our South Lyon emergency dental practice, we provide root canal treatment to restore your comfort, removing the source of the infection from within your tooth. Once the root canal is complete, we protect the tooth by applying an aesthetic crown. If the infection is too severe, extraction may be necessary to protect your oral health. 

Contact Us at 248-537-2150 If You Require Immediate Dental Treatment 

At Lifetime Dental in South Lyon, we provide dental emergency treatment to restore your comfort and dental health. For more information about our comprehensive services, contact our practice today.