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Children’s Dentistry – Canton & South Lyon, MI

A child’s smile should be kept healthy well before the emergence of their first tooth. At Lifetime Dental Group, we welcome families and their young ones to our South Lyon dental practice for children’s dental services. We strive to make each patient’s visit a comfortable one and take measures to ensure your child’s first visit is pleasant.
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First Visits and Kid’s Dental Care

Visiting the dentist at an early age is essential to the proactive care of your child’s oral health. If this is their first time at the dental office, parents should come with their children to the operatory, to ensure they feel safe and comfortable. Our hygienists and staff are family-friendly are always strive to keep our patients happy and healthy. Just as you should visit the dentist twice a year, your child should as well. At Lifetime Dental Group, we aim to schedule families together, as we understand how busy your life can be.

Children's Dentistry in South Lyon


Children’s Dental Services in Canton & South Lyon

We provide essential preventive dental treatments that keep your child’s smile healthy. From general cleanings to basic dental education, including teaching them how to properly brush and floss daily, we care for your child’s oral health and wellness.

Our services include:

Fluoride Treatments

As your child grows, their teeth and supportive structures will continue developing. In their formative years, your child’s enamel has not yet hardened, making them susceptible to cavities. Leave the decay untreated can lead to serious conditions, such as gum disease and infections, which may require more extensive care to restore your child’s oral health.

Dental enamel can be further protected with fluoride treatments. Fluoride is a mineral is naturally develops in the body, but applying it to children’s teeth during regular visits will help strengthen the enamel. Combined with saliva, fluoride helps prevent sugar and bacteria from stick to teeth, inhibiting the development of cavities. By combining these treatments during regular visits, and using fluoride toothpaste throughout childhood, our young patients have an improved chance of preserving their healthy smile well into adulthood.


Learning to brush teeth is an essential skill and habit to promote in children. But without the assistance of a parent, children can leave areas of their smile unaddressed, making the teeth vulnerable to plaque and bacteria buildup.

Sealants are used to protect the tops of teeth that may be difficult to brush thoroughly. We fill these crevices with a safe, biocompatible material that smooths out these ridges, preventing buildup.

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At Lifetime Dental Group in Canton & South Lyon, we are dedicated to providing essential dental services to children and their families. For more information about our children-focused dental treatments, or to schedule a visit.

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